Aquaculture division

Contributing to the society with top quality of our products

Our aquaculture business takes more than 70% of the total sales amounts, and we have consistently held the leading market share in the industry. In particular, our shrimp mixed feeds have overwhelmingly established the top selling position since our aquaculture business entry. It is considered that today’s development of KURUMA shrimp (P.japonicus) culture is due to widely spread of our KURUMA shrimp mixed feeds into the market.
We believe that the top share of the mixed feeds is being kept with our Research and Development challenges and our continued efforts to improve the quality and develop high added-value.
"Providing high value –added products helps our customer needs and contributes to the betterment of society is our company policy" HIGASHIMARU ensures to strive creating high quality products.

HIGASHIMARU aquaculture feeds broke through the limit on KURUMA shrimp & yellowtail culture.

Before the popularization of the aquaculture feed, farmers used to use live feeds for KURUMA shrimp culture. It was not possible to raise KURUMA shrimps in the distant islands, are from the southern part of Kagoshima to Okinawa Island where the live feeds were hardly obtained. However, in 1975 we commercialized KURUMA shrimp feeds and distributed into the domestic market for the first time. As the shrimp feeds had not been in the market before then, the shrimp culture began to flourish in these regions, and production volumes increased.
Moreover, HIGASHIMARU contributed to the improvement of yellowtail farming. Till then, it caused marine pollution due to large amounts of live feeds. With sufficient growth effect and low cost, our successful development of the fish feeds initiated reformation of yellowtail culture.

“HIGASHIMARU Effect” penetrated into the aquaculture industry worldwide.

Our aquaculture feeds have a quality advantage in terms of stability compared with live feeds, and are easy to store, handle and transport. Of course, easy to use feeding is one of the great merits. Our mixed feeds are more effective to prevent from degrading the breeding water quality.
Furthermore, HIGASHIMARU is repeatedly undertaking various R & D projects with regard to improving the quality and higher added-value of our mixed feeds. We have generated our products with more advanced growth effect, survival & feed efficiency in comparison with those of competitor’s products. We have had such a profound influence on the aquaculture industry. Some people call it “HIGASHIMARU Effect”.
At present, our continued technology is for increasing added value- feeds to improve body color & fleshy substance of breeding fish, and disease resistance and suppression of parasites. Our products are exported to several overseas countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines and many more countries.

Maintaining the leading position in innovation technology.

Leading market share in enriched KURUMA shrimp feeds.
With our achievements and experiences, HIGASHIMARU shrimp feeds are available for high quality & efficiency, and good reputation are received from our customers. For nurturing the first larval stage up to grow out stage, abundant product lineup is provided for matching different feeding purposes of enhancement of growth promotion, stable growth, low-cost and disease residence.

Healthy growth of fish with various polyphenols contained in aqua feeds
Our fish feeds are designed for demanded nutrition to significantly achieve growth effect and FCR. With various polyphenol, excellent healthy growth and quality fish are highly expected.

Our fish feeds corresponding to the feeding characteristics of fish.
Product range of fish feeds correspondingly adjusts the feeding characteristics of fish species. With the most advanced manufacturing facilities, feed materials are superior, and functionality of body color & resistance improvement is enhanced.

Abundant product lineup for efficiently supporting larval production.
Larval feeds are available for both KURUMA shrimp and fish larvae to satisfy with nutritious requirements in our abundant lineup including artemia and rotifer feeds etc. These products are essential for optimum larval production on the shrimp & fish rearing, user friendly feeds to fit the actual farming conditions. Efficient growth, survivals and good health are expectantly improved.

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